Green Skin Blue Bones

by HD Holden

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released September 29, 2013




HD Holden Italy

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Track Name: Brown Paper Bag
we got no future
stuck in this place
better make your own paper bag
no reason to stay

heroes are dead and gone
every government sucks
gods lost tongue and hands
everyone's feelin' fucked

we got no patience
no patience at all
every sheet of shame and pain
is more then enough

better take your blue bones back
and give them away
and leave the fuckers fuck themselves
without chance to pray

Goodbye my lady
Goodbye my friends
i go far far away
through oceans and lands
if we will see us again,
i can't tell when
i won't coming back
til i won't free myself
Track Name: Livelihood Blues
one pill to
wake me up
two pills
to get out out there
three pills
to face the day
to not run away

i need
magical dust
cause to need
is a must

i need
but i want
need to be
but i can not

one pill to forgive
two pills to forget
three pills to let it be
four to try to be

one to wake up
one to fall asleep
one to calm the pain
one to dream

one to eat
one to shit
one for sex
one to escape from myself

some needs the pain to live
some wants more pain to reign
some refuses the cures
some sings the blues

some needs the pain to live
some wants more pain to reign
some jump on the bones
some fall from
the bathroom thrones
Track Name: The Unfaithful Fate Of Jackie Riot
Jackie Riot born
in an heaven cold as hell
with crows on backyard
and handful of sand

just like a ghost
and a magnet for stones
Jakie was just a baby
without a home to go

feeling like paralized
and stuck in a box
as claustrophobic soul
with key but not locks
so he learned to scream
but his voice was unheard
at the chamber of law
and the church of hope

the only way
was to brake the chains
and walk out from the game of thrones

Jackie hit the road
to the hopeful west
he was just born at a bad time
on a fucked up land

searching for air
to let breathe his breathing
he marched along the line
as slave on the pyramid

he tried with gambling
but he wasn't born lucky
he tried with love
but it fell down violently
and ground and death
were the only certainty

Jakie Riot,
21 years old
fell from hell
to the bottom of the world

Life is a bitch
and her heels so sour
gravity puts you down
turning seconds to hours

and Jackie he learned that
as he learned how to survive
among pigs and vampires
and gangrenous minds

he spat out tears
as burning blades
with valueless diamonds
and spits of rage
defying himself
to not die in vain
'til both remained

in a blue foolin' silence
with tons of thoughts and hurt of pain

The Man left the highway
falling into black holes
rambling to nowhere
with nothing to loose

no gates to walk
no doors to knock
lonely like a prisoner
howling like a dog

til something happened
at the end of the fall
he got the fire
he got the force

The sun set down
on the misty dawn
smoke turned to rain
and crows were gone
Track Name: Blind Black Circle
you wanna get money
to live good like a "sir"
and when you get money
you only want more

and when you get more
you need to get back
to take the life
you've left on you back

so you spend the cash
to cure the pain
to take back your self again

the self you forgot
in that blind black circle of fog
the self you left
up on the hill at the bottom of the earth

you wanna fly high
to feel free like a bird 
borrowing time
restraining words

then when you fall
you howl in vain 
blaming the ghost
in name of hate

so you take the chains
from veins to chest
banishing yourself to the depths of hell

the self you forgot
in that blind black circle of fog
the self you left
up on the hill of the bottom of the earth